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Dear Parents,
For the past five years at Park I have worked tirelessly along with my staff to provide the best quality education for our students. In these five years I have been transparent in everything that we do at Park Elementary and I thank you for all your support and cooperation. The time has come for me to say goodbye and start a new chapter in my life.   
First and foremost I want to thank my students. As a teacher first, we are supposed to be the ones that teach YOU, but in reality, you taught me just as much. Every day I saw you I was reminded of the power I had as principal to be your dream maker. You always came first in my agenda and I made sure I reminded my staff about it every day. It was so awesome when some of you would tell me that you loved your teachers and our school. When I would see you run in the playground and try your hardest in class, it gave me the strength to give you my best. I will forever cherish your smiles and trusting spirit in allowing us to help you dream big. Never fear Mr. H. is here!!!  
To my parents, I want to thank you for bringing your children to school every day. It was a privilege to work with them and I thank you for trusting us with your most precious treasures; your children. I especially want to thank you for raising such an amazing group of children. Our students have taken advantage of their education and have grown into responsible students with great futures ahead of them. Parents who are involved in their own child’s life leads them to more opportunities for success. Continue being involved in your child’s education and instilling in them the value of education.   
Park Elementary is an amazing place to work at. I will miss this community and the friendships and memories will remain with me. Mr. Ruben Acosta will be interim principal and he will work closely with our assistant principal Mrs. Claudia Castañon. Take care and always expect nothing less than excellence from our school.    
Jaime Hernandez

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The Mission of Edgar Park is to offer a stimulating and caring environment so students can achieve academic excellence and become respectful, self-sufficient, productive citizens.

Park School is a PBIS Certified School 

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