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Welcome back to school after a wonderful and exciting winter break spent with family and friends. The second half of the school year is well underway with staff and students once again actively engaged in teaching and learning. We are excited about the educational challenges that lay ahead of us and know you will continue to assist us in our efforts to make our school the best it can be.

One of the educational challenges that we deal with every day is finding sufficient time during theschool day to address the unique and diverse learning needs of some of our students. Knowing that some students need a little more time to master essential knowledge and acquire necessary skills, we continue to search for ways to accommodate students who need additional time and assistance to experience academic success.

In order to provide additional learning opportunities, we will continue offering an after-school tutoring program to help students who can’t get enough time during the school day to achieve proficiency in the core content areas of reading, writing, and mathematics. Our tutoring begins the week of January 11th. Please inquire with your child’s teacher.

Our CIT (Campus Improvement Team) will meet next week to discuss needs assessment for next school year . Our parents are always welcome to participate.

Our attendance is at 97.11%. We are above our goal of 97% for the year. In December we hosted a breakfast for parents of students with perfect attendance. We feel that parents play a crucial role in making sure students attend school everyday. This semester we will also have a breakfast in the month of May for parents of students with perfect attendance in appreciation for supporting our efforts in making sure students take advantage of their education every day. Thank you parents for all your support.

Safety is one of our top priorities and we have seen an increase in traffic in the parking lot. Our parking lot was never intended to be a drop off zone. In an effort to keep our students safe we are asking parents to not drop off in the fire lane. Please park in designated areas to drop off students.

We look forward to an exciting 2016! 

The Mission of Edgar Park is to offer a stimulating and caring environment so students can achieve academic excellence and become respectful, self-sufficient, productive citizens.

Park School is a PBIS Certified School 

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