Griego, Robert

Mr. Griego
Hello all!  My name is Robert Griego and I am the teacher of the behavior intervention class.  The aim of my unit is to improve both our behavior and academics.  On a day to day basis we work on social skills development through a variety of methods from Boys Town to acting out events and how to overcome them.  High expectations will be set, only to be successfully overcome, because I am confident in the ability of my bright students and my team.  My vision is to see my students succeed in every way possible, as they say the sky is the limit!


A little about me

I graduated from the University of El Paso with a bachelor’s in psychology and a minor in English literature.  I both coached and played soccer for several years.  I was privileged enough to be able to win two district titles for the Andress soccer team.  I aim to improve myself and become a counselor one day, so that I may better help children in need.