Ms. Zareeth Pina

Focus on Children & Families (FCF) is designed to help empower families, assist students succeed academically and help families become independent. 
Our program is designed to provide social services and individual/family therapy. Services are provided at the student's campus, so parents will not miss any days of work. 
FCF provides parents and students direct, personal, and professional support in times of crisis-related situations to help ensure students succeed in school. At times, students and parents may experience traumatic events that adversely affect the student and family structure.
ZaarethFCF contracts with several private therapists to provide assistance to students and families at their school. The Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC) or Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) offer individual and family therapy to deal with the emotional and psychological issues of the student and the family. 
A student may be referred by the parents and/or district staff when he/she may be having severe academic and/or behavioral issues. 
* At-Risk students Pre-K through 8th grade
* Student previously received program services
* Behavioral and/or emotional issues that affect the student's academic progress
* Student/families experiencing effects from border violence/trauma
* Siblings of student being served 
One in three El Paso families is considered at-risk due to socio-economic conditions, the absence of a family support system, the dynamics of single parenting, or other issues such as drug addiction, teenage pregnancy, domestic abuse, border violence, and issues surrounding military life. Parents who are faced with these burdens may be less able to assume responsibility for their child's academic progress. Children facing these added difficulties are not only more likely to drop out of school, but face enormous obstacles in their development of social and psychological skills necessary to complete in their daily occurrences.