Fifth Grade Supplies

Fifth Grade Supplies

5A   Supply List    

 1-pair of scissors

1- box of colored pencils

1- box of markers

2- glue sticks

1- small bottle of Elmer’s glue

2- 2 inch binders

2- packages of subject dividers (paper ones are fine)

1- 3 subject spiral notebook

2- packages of wide rule school paper (150-200 sheets each)

2- packs of pencils

3- large boxes of Kleenex

1- pencil pouch

2- highlighters (yellow or pink)

1-composition book

GT students

1-2 inch binder                                                    
2-large boxes of Kleenex                                      

1-package of subject dividers                             
1-pencil pouch

1-package wide rule school paper

1-3 subject spiral notebook

1-box of colored pencils

1-box of markers

1-glue stick and small bottle of Elmer’s glue

2-highlighters (yellow or pink)