First Grade Supplies

First Grade Supply List


______   2 packages of 24 sharpened No. 2 pencils (Non-decorative please)

_____   A pair of headphones or ear plugs   

_____   2   large pink erasers

_____   1   bottles Elmer’s Glue All Glue

_____   1   pair of Fiskars Scissors

_____   2 boxes of Crayons (24 Count)

_____   4 pocket Plastic folders with fasteners

_____   1 school box approximately 9”x6”

_____   2 boxes Kleenex

_____   1 container of baby wipes or Lysol wipes

_____   4 composition notebooks (1 being a Primary Composition Book)

_____   2 packs of glue sticks (3-Pack)

_____   Boys   1 box large Ziplock bags & small paper plates

_____   Girls   1 box small Ziplock bags & large paper plates


_____   Optional: 1 box of markers, colored pencils, hand sanitizer    


Mrs. Garcia 1-D Students will need a 2’ Binder (The kind with a clear plastic cover in front, please)

Teachers may require extra materials once placed in classrooms.


The supplies will be stored in the classroom. As your child’s supplies deplete, you will be notified in advance. Please label personal supplies with your child’s name.  It is helpful if all supplies come in a large Zip lock bag with their name on it.