Student Agenda Handbook

School Mascot – Panther

School Colors:  Royal blue & gold



Edgar Park Elementary opened in 1961. On the first day of school, returning students will be given an enrollment packet.  Please fill out the forms immediately and return them to your child’s homeroom teacher with requested paperwork.


It is very important that the office has current, up-to-date parent information.  Please stop by the office to inform us of any changes of employment, address, or phone numbers that may occur throughout the year.


It is essential that we have this information immediately.  Please take time to fill out both sides of the card.  Leave no blank spaces.  We must have the telephone numbers of people to call if there is an emergency and we cannot reach you.  Only the people listed on the emergency card will be allowed to sign out students during school hours.  Students will not be released to anyone under 18 years of age.


This year our campus was selected to participate in the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP). This is part of the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs. In a CEP school, all students receive a nutritious breakfast and lunch at no cost, regardless of family income. Families will not need to fill out an application for school meals if all of their students are attending the CEP campuses. Meals will be available from the first day of school for breakfast and lunch at no cost to students. The first two weeks breakfast will be served in the cafeteria as we work to transition to breakfast in the classroom.


Students must attend school 90% of the school year in order to be considered for promotion. If your child is absent, you must call the school by 9:00 A.M.  Your call and the reason for the child’s absence will be recorded.  If it is not possible for you to call, please send a written excuse within 24 hours of the absence or a doctor’s note telling why your child was absent. A doctor’s note is required for three consecutive days of absence.  Doctors’ notes are to be sent to the office within 24 hours of the student’s absence. Our attendance committee and intervention committee will be holding meetings with parents of students with too many absences.


The first bell rings at 7:45 at which time teachers will be waiting for students in the classrooms.  Announcements and Pledge of Allegiance is at 7:55. DEAR time instruction begins at 8:00 (second bell) and dismissal time is 3:15.

PK Morning session           7:45 – 11:00

PK Afternoon session       11:30 – 2:30

It is very important that you make arrangements for your child to be picked up at dismissal time as there are no provisions for their supervision after school


The first two weeks of school children will be eating in the cafeteria and parents are allowed to accompany them only to the cafeteria. After the second week students will be participating in breakfast in the classroom and they must be in class by 7:45 A.M. During lunch students eat in the cafeteria. Parents are not allowed in the cafeteria during lunch due to limited space. However on special situations please meet with administration to make the necessary arrangements.


Students are not allowed to have cell phones during school hours.  Students are asked to turn in their cell phones in the front office in the morning and to pick them up after school. Confiscated cell phones will be turned over to the Police Services and parents must pay a fine to have them returned.  Please call the office to clarify procedures.


Each teacher will post discipline rules and consequences in the classroom.  A copy of these rules will be sent to the parents during the first week of school.


As a proud Park Panther, I will:

*Follow and practice our PBIS expectations.

*Walk in the buildings, hallways, or breezeways.  I will only run on the playgrounds.

*Will keep hands and feet to myself.

*Leave rocks on the floor.

*Eat all food in the cafeteria.  I will not chew gum or have gum at school.

*Use respectful language at all times.

*Follow instructions of the teachers, coaches, administrators and staff.

*Report Bullying and never engage in it.

*Follow the Student Code of Conduct.

*Have a hall pass whenever out of a classroom.


Students in Pre-Kindergarten are dismissed daily at 2:30.  Students in Kindergarten through 5th grade are dismissed daily at 3:15.  Parents are responsible for making sure their child is picked up daily by 3:15.


The El Paso Public Schools has no strict policy on what can or cannot be worn at school.  Board policy gives parents the responsibility of deciding what is appropriate.  Policy also authorizes administrators and teachers to ban any clothing which is considered indecent or suggestive, constitutes a health and safety hazard, or would interfere with the instructional program.  Therefore, at Edgar Park we ask students to adhere to the following:

*Remove hat when entering building.

*Wear clothes that are not tank tops, spaghetti straps or undershirts as outerwear. 

*Wear clothes that do not have suggestive slogans, profanity or phrases supporting alcohol or smoking.

*Wear clothes that are not baggy shorts or pants or belts with large buckles.

*Wear shorts that are too tight or too short.

*Wear jewelry that is not dangle or hoop earrings for safety reasons.  Boys may not wear earrings.

*Colored hairspray is not permitted.  If a student has a Mohawk, it must be no longer than 1 inch from the scalp.


If a student is to be released early, the parent must come to the office to sign the child out.  No student will be sent home alone.  If someone other than the parent is picking up a child, please give the office prior written notice.  If it is an emergency, please call the office.


The Texas Department of Agriculture has mandated nutrition guidelines for all Texas public schools in an effort to promote a healthier environment.  It is believed that foods available on school premises should provide the nutritional wellbeing of children and should be considered as carefully as other educational support services.  Park School will comply with this policy which went into effect August 1, 2004.  We look forward to helping our students develop new, lifelong, healthy eating habits.  Our purpose in reporting this information to you is to enlist your assistance in helping our campus comply with new policies.  While the policy information is much more detailed than we can provide you in this handbook, we do want to offer these highlights:

No food of minimal nutritional value (FMNV) and competitive food can be offered or sold anywhere on school premises until the end of the last scheduled class period (3:15).  This applies to school staff, parents and school organizations. Cupcakes, provided for birthday celebrations, will be handed out as students are dismissed. The school district has been provided the opportunity to select 3 days per calendar year in which restricted treats may be offered to students.  Those dates are: TBD.


Students must meet the El Paso District’s screening criteria before they are admitted into the program. Information will be sent home about the qualifying procedures and timelines.


Every class is scheduled to visit the library once every other week.  In addition to this, students and parents are encouraged to visit the library before and after school. The school library is open at 8:00 and closes at 4:00. Please do not have your child wait in the library for older brothers and sisters, as the librarian must assist other children in finding and checking out books. Students in PK and Kindergarten may check out books only when a responsible adult accompanies them.


Students are invited to eat lunch served by the cafeteria staff or bring their own lunch. However all students will have free lunch this year. Students will not have access to a microwave or be allowed to warm up food from home.  Food cannot be taken out of the cafeteria. Students are not allowed to eat any food outside.


Medication may be administered only if a physician prescribes the medication.  The medication must bear the original prescription label.  A doctor’s written order must accompany any prescribed medications.  All medication will be kept in the nurse’s office.  Students are not allowed to carry any medication either prescribed or over the counter.


Cafeteria menus are published in the El Paso Times each Sunday morning for the upcoming school week.  Menus are sent home monthly.


Use of the parking lot is restricted.  Parents may only drop off students at their assigned gates.  Parking lot is not to be used as a drop off zone for students, it is for faculty and staff only. Please park on the side streets as the parking lot has a very limited number of spaces.  Parents will not be allowed in the parking lot until after 3:30 P.M. Parents with handicap permits can park in handicap spaces or in parking lot.


Know your child’s teacher and give him/her an opportunity to know you.  A phone call to your child’s teacher can often clarify any concerns and prevent misunderstandings.  A teacher’s conference period is during the student’s P.E. time. It is always best to contact the teacher to schedule a conference to avoid missing the teacher due to an absence or off campus training.


This year we are looking for parents to be a part of our Park Parent Program. Your participation in the program is an opportunity to become familiar with our campus goals and how you can support of goals. More information regarding this program will be available. Please speak with Marisela Ayers about how you can participate.


Students are allowed two school parties per year. Parties will be the last hour of the day before the winter vacation and the last day of school.


Please label all personal belongings with your child’s name.  Wallets, purses, coats, sweaters, lunch boxes, and school supplies are easily misplaced and labeling them will facilitate their return.  Lost and found items are placed on the closet organizer by the cafeteria.  Please check it frequently.  At the end of the semester all unclaimed items are given to an organization that will distribute them to needy children. Toys, radios, cell phones and electronic devices are not allowed at school.



Animals are not allowed on campus.  Do not bring your pet on campus when picking up your child/ren.


Students with Perfect attendance will receive certificates at the end of the year.  Please encourage your child to attend school on a daily basis.


Students should dress in clothing that allows for maximum participation in P.E. classes.  Tennis shoes should always be worn.  A student may be excused from physical education for a maximum of 3 days.  A doctor’s excuse is necessary for a period of more than 3 days.  A student excused from P.E. will be required to remain indoors during lunch recess.


Student planners are provided as a means of communication between teachers and parents.  Please establish a daily routine to check your child’s planner for notes from the teacher, upcoming events, and homework and/or project timelines.  You are encouraged to write notes to the teacher to keep them informed of upcoming appointments or any emergency absences your child will have.


Children are expected to cross streets at designated crosswalks. Please cross a street appropriately.  Do not set a bad example by crossing in the middle of a street or instructing your child to do so.  Remember, it is illegal to park in the Fire Lane. You may park on any of the side streets, get out of your car and walk your child to school.  Please follow all traffic laws.  Obey all posted speed limits.


Purchase of school pictures is optional.  Dates will be announced and details will be sent before pictures are taken.

Individual pictures    Fall and Spring TBD

Group pictures          Spring TBD


Testing for Special Education programs is done on an individual basis.  If you are concerned about your child’s progress or behavior, discuss your concerns with your child’s teacher and/or school administrators.


A speech therapist is assigned to our campus.  If parents believe there is a need to evaluate a child, a Student Success Team (SST) meeting must be arranged with your child’s teacher and administration.


Children may be kept afterschool for tutoring or disciplinary reasons.  If your child is to be kept afterschool longer than 10 minutes, you will be notified by your child’s teacher a day in advance or your child will be allowed to use the telephone to call for your permission.  Children who cannot remain afterschool may be kept in at lunchtime or before school.



If you are the legal step-parent, guardian or grandparent to a student, you must provide proper documentation to the school in order to be considered a legal guardian and be able to make educational decisions on behalf of the student.


Student Code of Conduct booklets will be available on line. If you need a hard copy please let our office staff know. Please read it carefully and sign the Acknowledgement form and return it to school.


Progress reports may either concern achievement or behavior.  Parents will be notified by a written report halfway through the grading period, or at any other time a teacher feels it necessary.


The first bell rings at 7:45 A.M.  If your child is not in the classroom by 8:15 A.M. he/she will be considered tardy and must report to the office before being admitted to class.  Parents who bring their child/ren after the 8:15 bell must go to the office to sign them in. We encourage all parents to bring students by 7:30 so that they can be in class by 7:45.


STAAR (State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness) will be administered to students in grades 3, 4 and 5.  You will be notified before the test is administered.  In order to be promoted to the next grade level, students in 5th grade must pass the Reading and Math tests.


Stop by the office first and obtain a pass before visiting a classroom.  Visitors are only allowed during teachers’ conference time in order to protect instructional time.


Volunteers in Public Schools are a very important part of our School.  We encourage all parents to volunteer and become involved.  There are many ways in which parents can assist. Help is needed in the cafeteria and on the playground before school and during the lunch break.  Teachers need help running copies and preparing materials.  Assistance is needed in some classrooms (VIPS will not be allowed to work in their child’s classroom on a regular basis). Contact the VIPS chairperson (Bertha Warner) if you are interested.  VIPS applications must be filled out on a yearly basis.


Parents will not be allowed on campus before or after school to wait for their child.  If you need to be on campus, you MUST have a visitor’s pass from the office.


If it is necessary to withdraw a student from school, please notify the school at least two days in advance. We must be sure that all textbooks and library books are accounted for and that no money is owed to the school.  We must have written notice or the parent may come in person to initiate a withdrawal.

Please feel free to come to the office and discuss any of your concerns.  We look forward to working with you this year!






The following is a set of rules that you can help your child practice using our four PBIS expectations.


  1. Do not run in the buildings or in the breezeways.Running is only to be done on the playgrounds.
  2. Do not push, shove or trip other students.
  3. Do not pick up or throw rocks.They are very dangerous.
  4. Do not become involved in a fight.If someone hits you, find an adult. Do not hit back.
  5. Students are not allowed in the hallways before or after school.
  6. Walk through the hallways and breezeways quietly while classes are in session.
  7. Language must be respectful of others at all times.Profanity is not permitted.
  8. Follow the instructions of teachers, coaches and Staff.They are here for your safety.


  1. Come into the cafeteria quietly.Keep your hands to yourself.
  2. Sit at your assigned table and take the next available seat.Do not save seats or move to a different seat once you’ve sat down.
  3. You may talk quietly to your neighbor. Remember to use a “inside” voice.
  4. You may leave when you are finished and after your class has been dismissed.Remember to clean up after yourself and exit quietly.
  5. Do not take food or any items outside of the cafeteria.


  1. Practice good health habits.
  2. Wash your hands before returning to class.
  3. Keep restrooms clean.
  4. Report any problems to your teacher.